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EmK- A hybrid of rock and classical guitar, and unique in the guitar world!

Earth Circus: Cirque for is magic for the eyes and the soul!

  • Allstar1:01

Kudos to ASJB for an incredible series of weddings that included so many requests for so many different styles. Here is one of my favorite recordings of this amazing band!

All Star Juke Box:

The Chameleon of Show Bands!

Total Recall Live: This 90's band is one of my recent favorites that I have seen locally here in Sonoma County, and was the 90's really that long ago?....

  • Here Comes The Sun2:43

Anne Lerner Wright and John Simon, Cello/Piano
A new contemporary music project for hip concerts and weddings.

Electric Avenue: I keep seeing Sonoma County producing amazing new bands for the wedding scene and social events. This is a band that it a so tight and talented....

The Rockridge Blue Grass Band:Josie Grant adds a special charisma to this wonderful roots blue grass band that has become so popular at festivals recently

Six Fire: A Nashville sensation  that is a breathe of fresh air for national corporate events! We had the pleasure of working with band leader Andy Childs recently, and his band is stellar for classic rock and modern country that reminds us of Keith Urban...

We have found so many talented artists recently, so stay tuned to this home page for new hot artists that are blazing trails...

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                                                                                       Photo of the award winning Hip Service Band

The Department of Rock
With a voice that is often compared to Steve Perry, Chaz Ross leads this powerhouse that is blazing trails in the Bay Area!

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