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  • Hamilton Live Production3:38

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All Star Juke Box Dynamic  Soul and Contemporary

                                                                                       Photo of the award winning Hip Service Band

We offer the finest talent available for all aspects of Music and Performance Art for events and concerts!

​​Simply the Best Entertainment!

Eric Symons Presents

Simply the best entertainment!!!

A Northern California Talent Agency.

Hamilton Live! A 30 minute tribute to the block-buster Broadway play for special events!

Earth Circus: Cirque for events...it is magic for the eyes and the soul!

  • Uptown Funk1:54

Kudos to ASJB for an incredible series of weddings that included so many requests for so many different styles. Here is one of my favorite recordings of this amazing band!

​International concert guitarists Celino and Lito Romero performed in concert at Darioush Estate for the Board of Directors of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, and are available for concerts in the Bay Area!

Jazz Harpist Sarah Vernow and her Trio...

Sonic Elegance!​

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The Legacy of Dan Hicks lives on with

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