Eric Symons Presents

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A Northern California Talent Agency.

  • Cancion del Emporador- 1,000 Years2:03

  • Fantasia XIIX1:00

  • Vihuela en Estillo de la Harpa1:49

  • Baxa de Contrapunto1:16

  • Fantasia Des Redobles2:18

Eric Symons Performs on the Vihuela da Mano, the Spanish Renaissance Lute!

​Before there was a six strings guitar, the Spaniards brought the Vihuela da Mano as the first instrument to the New World, and this is the grandfather of the modern guitar!

​Eric has performed early music with early and historic lutes and guitars from the famous Forderer collection at the San Jose Guitar Festival, the Fresno State Guitar Festival, and numerous sold out concerts..